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Xandy Kamel vows never to date or marry a broke man ever again after her marriage to Kaninja lasted less than 2 years

Ghanaian Actress cum Presenter Xandy Kamel has vowed never to date or marry a broke man ever again. Speaking in an Interview, Xandy Kamel revealed she regrets ever dating and marrying her ex husband Kaninja. Xandy and Kaninja’s marriage did not last up to 2 years before it hit the rocks.

She further revealed that she has learnt a lot from her failed marriage as in her words. She said:”Temporary people leave behind permanent lessons.” She claim this has made her vow never to date or marry a broke guy ever again in life as they are ungrateful and very wicked people.

When asked if she paid for her own wedding Xandy claim she supported her husband with some funds claiming she thought her husband will be the perfect husband she has always dreamed off but it turns out she was wrong.

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