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I Feel Loved – Sister Derby Reveals Why She Flaunts Men She Date

Ghanaian effervescent vocalist Sister Derby is about open showcases of friendship and displaying her darlings, from Joey B to Medikal and her new accomplice.

In spite of her disputable separations, the ‘UNCLE OBAMA’ artist has expressed that she won’t ever conceal her connections from the general population.

The model and powerhouse got serious about why she unveils every last bit of her connections in a meeting with AmeyawTV.

“I am the kind of person that likes to be free and not stressed. Hiding, pretending, and calculating are very stressful to me. But if I am comfortable and the person is showing signs of seriousness why should I be hiding? Why should I care about society? everybody goes through relationships and breakups.” She stated.

Sister Derby made sense of why she is constantly found in broad daylight with her beau, David, saying she is exceptionally cheerful and OK with him and their relationship, so there is compelling reason need to conceal him.

“In all actuality in the event that you’re alright with somebody and appreciate their conversation, you need to associate with them constantly. My accomplice appreciates my conversation thus do I”She wailed over.

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