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Media Is Quick To Spread Negative News – Stacy Says

The overseeing overseer of ABN Networks, Anastasia Manuela Amoateng, better realized by her stage name Stacy Amoateng has said that the media is attached to engendering negative news.

The media character during a meeting on Accra FM’s Entertainment Capital fragment talked about her little girl, Calista who brought home the championship of Miss Teen Tourism World 2022.

Stacy talked about her girl’s drive which means to help decrease youngster neediness. Stacy shared a few outlines which show her little girl was enthusiastic about her drive. Sharing a tale about her girl, Stacy related how her girls witness a free wellbeing screening at Nima, a suburb of Accra.

“The other day when I did a free health screening [exercise] at Nima, my daughter Calista and her younger sister came along. They were surprised [when we got there]. They asked so this is in Accra?”

“But they said Nima is very rowdy, and the people are not nice.”, She disclosed that despite their perception about the residents of Nima, her daughters walked freely in the vicinity.

“They walked through Nima and they were safe. Nobody did them any harm, nobody tried to attack them to take their phone.”

“Ah! So, mummy, Nima is cool and people make it look like Nima is not cool.”

“Sometimes we need to let them have these experiences to have the positive vibe because, we the media folks, sometimes we are to blame; we push the negativity more than the positives.”

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