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Korra Obidi Finally Opens Up On Her Estranged Husband Dating Another Nigerian

Artist Korra Obidi has at long last answered a long time after her ex, Justin Dean, went out on the town with a Nigerian lady.

After a petulant separation from his significant other, Justin Dean, the alienated unfamiliar spouse of Korra Obidi, revealed the new lady in his life. The spouse of Korra Obidi was seen presenting his new sweetheart in a new YouTube video.

Justin Dean shared a video of himself enjoying a night out on the town with Tokunbo Daniel through his Instagram story. The double cross parent guaranteed he utilized the adoration emojis to portray his night out with his life partner.

Accordingly, Korra Obidi blamed her ex for dating one more dark Nigerian such as herself in another post, notwithstanding claims that he unloaded her because of her complexion and other bigoted discussions.

The artist asked the people who had been barraging her DM with horrible comments to continue on the way that Justin and her had.

She wrote: “Justin don’t want this street hawker.. but guess what the next woman he got was still black…all the racist comments I have been getting, when they caught him with the next person what complexion was she, she was still melanin poppin, she was still what? a Nigerian…he likes what he likes, I like what I like, …so live and lets live”.

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