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“I Converted To Islam Because of My Son” – Akuapem Poloo Alleges

Entertainer and video lady, Akuapem Poloo has at last responded to the moving bits of gossip that she changed over completely to Islam as a result of a rich Alhaji who has vowed to wed her.

As per the brand powerhouse who changed over completely to Islam fourteen days prior and presently goes by the Muslim name Haniya, she switched over completely to Islam due to her child and not for the wellbeing of marriage as estimated in the media.

Talking in a meeting on Ameyaw TV, Akuapem Poloo uncovered that she has forever been keen on Islam and had wanted to discard Christianity for the Muslim confidence a long time back.

She likewise examined what the Islam religion has meant for her life and style beyond web-based entertainment in an exceptionally sure way.

Akuapem Poloo proceeded with that her child daddy is a Muslim subsequently her child is naturally a Muslim so she just needs to direct her child in the religion he was naturally introduced to.

I didn’t change my faith for anyone or anything, especially not because I went to Prison because there were people with different faiths in prison. Islam has been something have wanted for a long time to join. If you see me on a normal day aside from social media, you will think I am a Muslim because I am all covered and modest.”

“Islam is something that I have always wanted, that is why I gave birth with a Muslim man and my son is a Muslim. In 2012, I wasn’t Poloo but I gave birth with a Muslim guy, that should tell you that I have loved Muslims and Islam not now,

” I will be hurt when he grows up and he’s in Christianity and will regret and blame me for not teaching him about Islam. So now that I am in it, we go to the mosque and learn about the religion together. If he grow to legal age and then makes the decision to convert back to Christianity, it will be on his agency and I will support him.”

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