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You Wear $30K Watch But Stay In  Rented House-Delay Quizzes King Promise After He Bragged About His Luxurious Lifestyle

Delay typically put King King Promise in a tight corner when he showed up on her well known Delay Show and prevailed with regards to making him a fool on the web.

The clean-cut artiste who isn’t known to be clearly and showy notwithstanding his accomplishment in the standard arose out and about irregularly and began gloating about his costly adornments.

He let Delay know that his outfit and frill cost nearly $50,000 dollars during a new meeting with the live character and financial specialist.

This was after Delay had asked the honor winning artiste to dispel any confusion on a past viral report that his Bottega shoes genuinely cost $1700.

Lord Promise replied in the positive and from there on sent off a gloating binge saying he has different things that cost more than that.

As indicated by him, his watch cost $30K and his chain likewise cost $10K. Delay stood by without complaining for him to toss his significance about then asked him for what valid reason he has still not put forth a house yet rather ‘put’ cash into garments and frill.

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