Kofi Adoma Nearly Died After His Wicked Ex-wife Poisoned Him- Kofi TV Worker Reveals


One of Kofi Adomah’s workers has approached to explain what is happening around his manager’s conjugal issues with Mrs. Miracle Adomah and his ex.

Since straightforwardly expressing gratitude toward Mrs. Miracle Adomah for staying by him notwithstanding his cheating and having kids with numerous ladies, Kofi Adomah has experienced harsh criticism.

A lady gave a sound bite to the tattle site Aba The Great portraying how Kofi Adomah squashed the core of her companion, with whom they have youngsters, while Mrs. Miracle Adomah was luxuriating in the commendations.

The one who talked on the sound guaranteed that Kofi Adomah had a cheerful marriage however abandoned his better half in the wake of meeting Mrs. Miracle Adomah, making her bonkers.

A Kofi Adomah representative has emerged to address the record as the tape spilled by Aba The Great increases prominence.

The representative cases that back in SHS, when Kofi Adomah’s dad was the one taking care of Kofi, Mrs. Miracle Adomah was familiar with Kofi.

He added that the man decided not to permit them to get hitched since Kofi Adomah let him down and made Miracle become pregnant.

Kofi Adomah and Miracle separated on the grounds that their dad was against their relationship, and it was then that he met the Kuntunse spouse.

The worker portrayed how Kofi Adomah was abused by the Kuntunse spouse notwithstanding the way that she thoroughly took care of her.

He portrayed how Kofi Adomah was over and over harmed, yet notwithstanding their legitimate separation, he actually cares for the Kuntunse spouse.

The worker guaranteed that Mrs. Miracle Adomah genuinely leased a three-room house for the Kuntunse and is as yet making water and light installments.

He guaranteed that the Kuntunse spouse, who appreciates slandering Kofi Adomah with misrepresentations and show, was liable for the sound since she once went to the school where their kids joined in and moved about on the ground to make a display about how Kofi Adomah had deserted the youngsters.

The representative Yakubu denied reports that the Kuntunse spouse is restricted to her room and declared that she goes in a vehicle that Mrs. Miracle Adomah purchased for her.

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