As A Single Man, Avoid Married Women or Ladies In Relationships, It Saves You From Unnecessary Drama- Kwabena Kwabena


Ghanaian highlife craftsman, Kwabena has sent a fair warning single men to swear off shaping close relations with wedded ladies or ladies in connections.

He said that doing the opposite approaches meaning your disaster.

The highlife performer began by saying that this is the primary fundamental guideline each young fellow ought to observe once they step out into the world all alone.

“To single men, please take this advice. I beg of you when you start life, be very careful. Don’t befriend someone’s wife.

It is perilous. Try not to take a wedded lady as your companion. She isn’t your companion. Her companion is her better half. That is all.”

That’s what he iterated assuming a lady weds, her main male companion is her significant other. Any remaining irrelevant men in her day to day existence ought to be treated as colleagues.

“As a young man, when you start living, and when your female friend gets married, she ceases to be your friend.

She becomes an acquaintance. Her friend is her husband.
Don’t make her your close friend because it will bring you problems.

“Even if you see a woman in a serious relationship with someone else, give them space. Someone’s girlfriend cannot be your girlfriend,” Kwabena Kwabena concluded.

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