Late President Mills Was An Inspirational Leader Worthy of Emulation-Kojo Bonsu


A main individual from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Mr. Kojo Bonsu has honored the previous late President, Professor John Evans Atta Mills.

He said the qualities and standards upheld by the previous President are much more important today given the quick corruption of Ghanaian culture in the space of ethics and morals.

He said no country can really create without implanting in its residents the dynamic upsides of truth, respectability, and administration to humankind.

This year points the tenth commemoration of the death of the previous head of state.

As indicated by the previous Mayor of Kumasi, Prof. Factories separated himself as a certified legislator concern and regard for the government assistance of the normal Ghanaian and defended the security of their common freedoms and equity consistently.

“The youth of Ghana have never needed inspirational leadership as they do now and we are blessed to have a homegrown example of excellence in governance and integrity in the example of the life of Prof Mills” he added.

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