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Woman Reportedly Set Husband Ablaze To Death For Cheating

  • Woman commits suicide over husband’s infidelity.
  • Newly married wife burns husband to death then commits suicide.
  • She earlier left a threatening note on WhatsApp before the event.

A newly married lady has reportedly set her husband on fire while in his sleep for allegedly cheating on her and impregnating the alleged side chick in the process.

The woman, identified as Ife, suspected her husband Bolu of his infidelity so she left an irritated word on her WhatsApp stories, announcing that her man has “pushed her to the edge” and promised that people who know the will weep over herself and her husband the next morning.

Bolu, who lives in Cairo-Egypt however was once touring Nigeria but unfortunately got set on fire in his home, burning him and destroying his residences in the process.

A couple of photographs that have considering the fact that long gone rife on the net exhibit the extent of injury carried out to the bodily look of the younger man after he was once rushed to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Ife has additionally reportedly committed suicide after enticing in such a heinous crime.


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