I’m Going Back To Agradaa Name Becose Ghanaians Don’t Fear The Evangelist Name


Since she started her new life as a zealous minister, Nana Agradaa professes to have been reading up Ghanaians for quite a long time and has discovered that her name has turned into a topic of discussion.

Evangelist Patricia Oduro Koranteng, otherwise called Mama Pat, has stood in opposition to how Ghanaians have been messing with her since she changed her name.

As she said, her new name doesn’t have the weight and strength she wants, so she’s getting back to her old one beginning August 2, 2022.

As she keeps on serving in the gospel service, Nana Agraada might be alluded to as Reverend Agradaa, as per her.

She advised, in any case, that since she has decided to return to the period of Agradaa, she wouldn’t tolerate any additional horse crap from anyone via web-based entertainment.

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