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90% of Adult Ghanaians Have Bank Account-Bawumia

VP of Ghana, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia, claims that practically all grown-up Ghanaians currently approach a financial balance.

As per the Vice President’s clarification of the public authority’s digitization methodology, digitalization isn’t about the individual advantage, yet rather about assisting the economy with recuperating.

With that in mind, Dr. Bawumia said today, July 14, at Accra Business School’s proper initiation of a coordinated effort between Accra Business School and South East Technological University Ireland:

As Dr. Bawumia put it: “We seek digitalization as a vehicle to tackle challenges faced by ordinary Ghanaians and restructure the economy.”

Coronavirus was likewise a reminder for digitalization, as per him.

With so many services on hold because of COVID-19, “the epidemic offered additional impetus to digital initiatives throughout the public sector,” he said.

Nearly 90% of Ghanaians over the age of 18 currently have a bank account. Today, all you need to create a bank account is a Ghanacard and a smartphone. No paperwork is required.
You may now purchase pre-paid power units via your cell phone, wherever you are.”

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