I’m Months Older Than My Wife I Only Appear Younger-Keche Andrew Reveals

  • Keche Andrew has broken his silence on speculation about the age difference between his wife and himself.
  • He says he is 7 months older than his wife but only looks younger.

The age differentiation between Andrew of the Keche tune group and his companion has now been explained, with the guide of the performer himself asserting that his mate is currently not more seasoned than he is.

Keche After accounts and pics of their wedding service function became famous online used to be expressed to have hitched a more established young lady because of the reality of her riches, but he explained in an ongoing meeting that his mate isn’t more established than him.

He asserts that despite reality that he is cycle seven months more established than his significant other, he has been protecting quiet regarding it considering it is improper because of the reality he wouldn’t be the primary person in that frame of mind to wed anybody more seasoned than him.

Keche Andrew declined to outfit his age or that of his significant other, he placed they are of the equivalent a year and that he is essentially cycle 7 months more established than her.

As per him, you would guess that his mate is more established than him because of the reality he is by all accounts more youthful.


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