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Enough of the Discrimination, Tikokers are also Stars-Wendy Shay Slams Critics

For some time now many Ghanaians have described the likes of Asantewaa, jackline, Erkuah and many Tiktokers as stars yet some believe they are not stars and shouldn’t be regarded all celebrated at celebrity.

Ghanaian singer Wendy Shay has added her voice to the ongoing conversation about whether Tik-tok is Our Stars or not.

According to Wendy it is inappropriate for Ghanaians to discriminate against the tiktokers with claims that they are not stars.

She made this recent comments in a Facebook which is also seeing much reaction from Ghanaians.

In her opinion there are several kinds of stars in the world. She mentioned the likes of football Stars movie stars and music stars and therefore tiktok can also have it’s own stars.

Wendy’s comments comes following criticisms that has been directed to the TiK ToK stars since they appeared on the United showbiz show indicating that artist can only make their music go viral through them.

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