Burkina Faso President Detained By Military, Possible Coup D’etat?

According to some residents who spoke with AFP, shots were fired near the private home of Burkina Faso’s president in the country’s capital Ouagadougou.

The gunfire which started out very loud and then became more and more sporadic could be heard at first.

According to reports a lot of people living in the capital heard a lot of gunfire at the same time in the military camps in Sangoule Lamizana and Baba Sy.

In the fight against Islamist insurgent soldiers from several barracks have demanded more money.

Reports also has it that soldiers went on strike in several barracks across the country on Sunday including those of Sangoule, Lamizan and Baba Sy. They demanded that the army chief be fired as well as enough resources to fight Islamist extremist in the country.

Journalists say during the day protestors backed the mutineers and blocked roads in several parts of the country’s capital.

Angry protestors who were unhappy about how the government was handling the jihadist threat looted and burnt properties.

“Until further notice,” the government put in place an overnight curfew starting at 8 pm (2000 GMT) on Monday and Tuesday across the poor landlocked country. The education ministry said schools would be closed Monday and Tuesday across the country.

Meanwhile the government has quickly denied rumours that there was a coup.

More details to come soon…….

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