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People Accusing Me Of Song Theft Just Want To Destroy My Image-Kuami Eugene

Lynx Entertainment signee Kuami Eugene has finally reacted to accusations levelled against him regarding song theft by numerous people.

Reacting to the accusations he noted that he won’t beg people to stop talking about he stealing music.

Over the past few months, the song writer and singer has been accused by a number of people for song theft but he says they are purposely doing so because they want a share of his fame.

Speaking on Kastle FM, the Highlife singer says he is tired of responding to his accusers and wouldn’t want to beg them to stop accusing him.

“No I’m not tired with responding to issues of song theft allegations but I just don’t have time,” he said. “I’m not tired to respond to my accusers but my time is so limited and it won’t benefit me to respond to such people.”

“So If I spend all my time to respond as to why people shouldn’t say such things about me it means we’re all wasting our time”, he further said.

He added that his accusers are only trying their best just to destroy his hard earned reputation but he wouldn’t go about begging them to stop accusing him.

“Maybe that’s the job my accusers have decided to do to tarnish my image but I’ve chosen to focus on doing my songs to forge ahead,” he said.

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