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You are k.illing us in Accra- Man shows off two large bowls of tomatoes he bought in the village for just ₵40.00

A Ghanaian man has recommended that the difficulty in the nation is most likely restricted to Accra.To make his statement, she shared a video of two enormous dishes of new tomatoes he purchased in a town for just ₵40.00 when he went to a burial service as of late. He said the ranchers even talented him a lot of plantains to demonstrate of their gratitude for disparaging their homestead items. He didn't state which area he purchased the things yet the video has still drawn in changed responses as some netizens are a

As3m Aba: Kuami Eugene to leave Lynx Entertainment by December 2022 – Ruthy

Showbiz pundit, Ruthy Mummie De-nelson notable as Ruthy in the game has expressed completely that everything is set for Kuami Eugene to head out in different directions from Lynx Amusement by December 2022. From individual checks and exhaustive foundation examinations, Ruthy says everything is set for Kuami Eugene to cut off his functioning friendship with Richie Mensah motivation behind why Kuami Eugene has quit dropping new melodies for as far back as months 7 months. As per Ruthy in the studios of SayIt television,

Kuami Eugene Reportedly Leaving Lynx Entertainment-Kwame A Plus Reveals All Secret You Need To Know

Kuami Eugene allegedly set to leave Lynx Entertainment Kwame A Plus drops all the secret about the Confession hit maker's exit from his record label. Performer and Social Media powerhouse Kwame A Plus conceived Kwame Obeng Asare has expressed that there is an uncomfortable quiet between Kuami Eugene and his name, Lynx Entertainment. As per A Plus, his intel from the camp of Lynx Entertainment shows that Kuami Eugene needs to leave the name and connect on a performance project. To A Plus, it will be a decent move

I Don’t Want To Marry Now Cos I Don’t Want Pressure- Adina

Popular Ghanaian musician and singer Adina Thembi Ndamse these days stated that she hopes to marry and have a household in the future. As a end result of her robust faith in the significance of marriage to her, she aspires to marry and have a family. “As for getting married, all I can say is that it’s something I’d want to do in the future. That, to me, is both important and weighty. I want to one day be married and have a family of my own. All you need to know for the time being is what I just told you,” she said.

Wondering If Money Is Still The Root of All Evil- Kuami Eugene

Ghanaian Highlife singer and Lynx Entertainment signee, Kuami Eugene has put his high-priced and massive mansion on show asking the last query that continues bothering his mind. There is a famous pronouncing that cash is the root of all evil however the singer who looks to object to this announcing is thinking if he may want to have obtained all these if now not for the cash he has. The artist who has accrued a lot of cash for himself after turning into a mainstream artist determined to let social media customers trap

Heavens Help Those Who Help Themselves Quote Doesn’t Make Sense To Me- Kidi

Most Christian devotees are utilized to such countless statements which they use to fortify and approve their confidence in Christ Jesus. Some accept that there are a few stages a Christian necessities to continue to draw in the gifts of their Maker. A popular quote like “Heaven helps those who helps themselves” is commonly used by Christian. This is to charge them to make efforts in their lives before God swoops in with their blessing to better their lives. However, this quote is not in the Bible. Ghanaian performer,

Women Are Dangerous So Move With Caution- Kidi Says As He Advises His Son

Contact It hitmaker KiDi has prompted his child Zane against ladies letting him know they are hazardous thus he ought to move with alert at whatever point it includes ladies. KiDi in a video discussing the 3 suggestions he could give his child Zane to move with in life said he will request that he be anything he desires to be and furthermore be exceptionally cautious with regards to ladies since they're extremely hazardous so he ought to constantly take alert. Everybody and how he/she sees ladies in view of their

Kidi Speaks On How He Felt When Kuami Eugene Blew Before Him

Lynx Entertainment signee Kidi has opened up on his true feelings when his colleague signee Kuamie Eugene made name for himself and became a household name despite being the first to be signed by Richie Mensah. He mentioned that he had no level of hatred or envy for his colleague. He noted that he actually felt calm about Kuami Eugene making waves because he throughout his entire life he has come to lived with the principle that when the time comes for him he will also gain the necessary attention he wants. Kidi

Sometimes You Just Have To Quit—Kwame Eugene Tells Underground Artistes

Multiple award winning artistes, Kuami Eugene has asked underground artistes to quit if they feel pushing is becoming too hard. He made this comment when he was asked in a discussion about what underground artistes can also do to become like him. Co-record signee Kidi who was also present noted that there is a formula but at the same time there is no formula. According to him all one need to do is to be focused and understand it's the music they actually want to pursue or they are pursuing it for the beauty of it.

I Fear Being Broke In The Future- Kuami Eugene Opens Up

'Open Gate' hit maker Kuami Eugene born Eugene Kwame Marfo has thrown light on how his life has been since he became a celebrity. According to him since he became a celebrity a number of people have approached him with advise on how he should spend his money in a profitable way. Speaking in an interview with Amansan Krakye he disclosed that he is constantly reminded by some elderly people that he will go broke some day. He mentioned that comments from elderly people comes with so much pressure especially when one
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