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Any Man Who Does Not Provide For His Girlfriend Is A Fool-Avram Moshe

The founder of Common Sense Family Avram Ben Moshe has a message for all men across the globe who have girlfriends yet are not catering for them.

Avram says any man who has a girlfriend yet doesn’t take care of her is a fool.

His reason is that men go in for women all because of the intimacy they will enjoy from them and the women also accept the men because the men will cater for their needs, so in the situation where the man is not catering for the woman he becomes a fool.

Speaking on the ‘In Bed with Adwen’ show aired on eTV Ghana, Avram also lamented on how many women go into every relationship with the expectation that it is automatically leading into marriage.

He stressed that women must date with the mindset of knowing the man more and not other expectations since that will lead to broke heart.

“After dating, a man must propose but in Africa, when a man says he loves a girl, it means he wants to marry her so the lady will just pack her belongings and move in with the man. I love you does not mean I will marry you. ‘I love you’ possibly means he just wants to have s3kx with you”, he stated.

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