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Ghanaian Prophets Never Make Prophecies On When We’ll Make Money-Sefa

Famous Ghanaian artiste, Sefa has reacted to constant doom prophecies about celebrities by men of God in Ghana.

The ‘Echoke’ hit maker says men of God who only make negative prophecies about people should be given less attention in the country because they deliberately make such prophecies for the attention attached to it.

“If we were not giving attention to such things, why will a pastor come on air to talk about stuff like this? What happened to calling the management and the people? What happened to going to the person’s house?”, she questioned.

She strongly believe that if such men of God are not given the attention they will desist from such acts.

She made this comment in an interview where she was reacting to Shatta Wale’s recent arrest.

“Why will you have to come on national TV and wash my dirty linen in public? Immediately we stop giving them attention, they’ll stop making money off it. Because this whole prophecy is money to them,” she stated.

“we never hear that a prophet has predicted that I’ll get some money. You’ll never hear a prophet saying that I’ve got a big show coming up. It always has to do with negativity and it draws your mind to the fact that are they saying this because they just want to trend?” Sefa bemoaned.

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