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Traditional Priest Allegedly Shoots Taxi Driver To Death

A traditional Priest identifiied as Collins Asamoah who lives in Agogoso where he work as a priest was said to have heard report that a man has taken his mother’s goat without informing the woman who lives in Ntreku.

Out of anger the 25-year-old fetish priest took an AK47 gun and headed to Ntreku where his mother resides fired the gun which accidentally fired the taxi driver who was looking for passengers. The driver is identified as Kwadwo Antwi.

Residents rushed the deceased to Benito Hospital which is a Ctaholic Hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Angry youths stormed the resident of the woman whose goat went missing and burnt down her house.

The 25-year-old fetish priest is in the grips of the police and will soon be arraigned before court.

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