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We Don’t Need A Leader With ‘Bofrot Balls’ Between His Leg Who Can’t Function-Vim Lady

Despite Media’s Afia Pokua well known as Vim lady has said that Ghana needs a leader with the courage to ensure that things are done the right way no matter the consequencies.

According to her there is the need for the country to have a leader who will call a spade a spade such that if people close to him/her contravenes the law, the leader can order for their arrest.

She stressed that the country has an independent Special Prosecutor to deal with corruption in the country but he has been made handicapped because there isn’t enough resources for him to work effectively.

It shouldn’t be like setting up an independent Special Prosecutor who has no power because he does not even have a Board in place, he does not have an official car, so is that how to fight corruption. This was what Martin Amidu was complaining about from day one”, she noted.

She further said that the country needs a leader who will make sure that systems function effectively.

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