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Nana Addo’s Promise To Protect The Public Purse Now A Mirage-Catholic Bishops Conference

The Ghana Catholic Bishop Conference has lamented on the hike in reckless use of state resources under the ruling New Patriotic Party led by Nana Addo.

The men of God strongly believe that the President of Ghana has failed his promise of protecting the public purse while he was in opposition in 2016.

The President of the Catholic Bishop Conference Most Rev. Philip Naameh speaking at the 2021 plenary assembly of the association in the Capital town of Upper West Region, Wa he said although poverty is staring at Ghanaians it appears lost to the leaders.

“The expressed commitment of the president of the republic to protect the public purse – a promise that citizens welcomed – seems to be an illusion now”, he continued.

“Are those managing the public purse not concerned about [the] waste and misapplication of resources that belong to all Ghanaians?”⁠ he quizzed.

Wondering what it should be referred as he said; “Can this be referred to as irresponsible use of power or the lack of compassion and empathy?”


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