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If you have no skin condition, you have no reason not to smell nice – Alex Unusual advises her fans

Reality TV Star Alexandra Asogwa popularly known as Alex unusual has dropped a piece of Advice for her fans and followers on social media about good hygiene

According to Alex, the only thing that should stop someone from smelling nice should be a skin condition. She claim the only way one can smell nice shouldnt only be about expensive deodorants or Perfume or even shower Gel. She claim some people sometimes use perfume to cover the smell of their dirty cloths or even armpit which is not the right thing.

Posting a Picture of her covering her nostrils, Alex Wrote: “If you dont have a skin condition, you have no reason not to smell nice. I am not even talking about using the most expensive deodorants and perfumes. Dont use Perfumes to cover up dirty cloths or sweats. Please be Neat. Its not be putting on all the designers in this life. You dey baff? Do you take enough water? Do you let your clothes dry well? How many times do you wear your boxers, singlets and bra? Do you wash your mouth? I come in peace, if you choose violence its because I’m talking to you”

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