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Gloria Kani sharply makes a U Turn after allegedly wishing death on Kennedy Agaypong

It was earlier reported her that Ghanaian Actress Gloria Kani is currently trending after she dropped a post which is indirectly to Kennedy Agyapong.

Kennedy made several headlines yesterday after it was alleged that he is currently suffering from Stroke in the USA after going for a throat surgery. Social media users reacted massively to it since Kennedy is known for being very controversial.

In a post on Facebook, Gloria Kani who now goes by the name Evangelist Gloria Kani shocking indirectly dropped a post claiming anyone who fights a man of God will never live in Peace.

On facebook, She wrote: “Nobody fights the minister of God and have peace or any man of God If what is labelled against him is false. No wonder you are sick it will take only the grace of God upon one Man of God to heal you, if not you will soon dance to the music of death.

In a new Post, Gloria kani claim her post wasnt directed at Hon Kennedy as people think but rather it was just a scriptures from the bible and that people misquoted her. Watch video below’


In the video below, a hairdresser has been arrested after she stabbed her boyfriend over pepper soup. According to reports, the two were seriously arguing when the hairdresser stabbed him to death. Watch video below

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