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NPP Not Spreading Bawumia’s Digital Achievement Because of Internal Competition-Franklin Cudjoe

The President of Imani Africa, Franklin Cudjoe has questioned why NPP stalwarts are not praising Dr. Bawumia’s digitilization message despite being very insightful.

The Imani African President says Dr. Bawumia is leading government’s digilization with so much passion and focus.

This comes after the Vice President addressed a gathering at the Ashesi University on Tuesday 2nd November at a public lecture.

Mr. Cudjoe believes that although there is more work to be done in the area of digitilization, the achievements of Dr. Bawumia’s digilization initiative are enormous and needs more publicity than there is now.

He went on to say that despite the enormous achievements the NPP stalwarts have been a bit silent about it and he believes this may be due to internal competition.

“Bawumia is handling the government’s digitalization agenda with so much passion and focus. And there are great transformations no doubt, but certainly could be better with transparent procurement processes for acquiring some of the digital solutions. 

“This is one time when command control gets results. A briĺliant lecture it was at Ashesi- great questions from students. I have a feeling Ashesi students are better at selling the govt’s digitalization drive than the average NPP party loyalists.

“Or party folks are scared they will be marked for ‘death’ when they praise Bawumia’s digital efforts ahead of what might be a stormy succession race? Well, I am far removed from the madness of politics, so I will listen to Bawumia’s next lecture when he invites me again,” he added.

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