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Leave Your Partners Who Insult You-Eastwood Anaba Advises

Leader of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries, Mr. Eastwood Anaba has advised married and unmarried people to flee from their partners who find joy in insulting them.

He mentioned that at the courting stage, if a boyfriend or girlfriend insults you then there is a need to end the relationship right there before thought of marriage even sets in.

Mr. Anaba also mentioned that when a partner looks down on the other while they are in a relationship then that one who was looked down upon must end it because there is no future with a person who looks down on the other.

Your boyfriend is always insulting you don’t marry him. Your girlfriend is always insulting you don’t marry her. Somebody is looking down on you before the marriage, you don’t even enter it cancel it”, he advised.

He advised his congregation not to settle for less but settle with partners who give them queenly and kingly treatment.

You can only marry a man who treats you like a queen, you can only marry a woman who treats you like a king. Somebody who treats you otherwise is not worth your intelligence, is not worth you sharing vows.

He added that no woman should settle down with a man who calls her fool before they tie the knot.

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