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Mr Eazi calls out Organizers of the “give $1 to African Children” initiative, Check out Why

Nigerian Artist Mr Eazi has called out Organizer of a Program themed as the $1 per child initiative in Africa. According to Mr Eazi, even tho its a good initiative the Organizers of the shows clearly do not care about the Kids but are only doing this just to Market themselves. He claim the $1 per a child will not take away the hunger or even the kids from the street. He claim they do not care about the starving Kid but rather want to use the initiative for Showbiz

He claim the Organizer can do better by helping Kids who have just completed schools and in search of Jobs to help them build a better future. He claim the small restaurant sponsoring this organization have radically profiled him several times therefore he is angry they are now Pretending they care about Africans or blacks in general.

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