Listen!! You Don’t Mess Around With Laws- Majid Michel Boldly Tells Shatta Wale And Medikal After Release From Police Custody


Disappointed Ghanaian entertainer ”Majid Michel” has lashed out at some celebrities who are at present ending up in a difficult situation with the law.

Comic entertainer Funny Face, Shatta Wale and rapper AMG Medikal are currently the celebs who have been captured a couple of days ago.

Goofy Face was alluded to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital for an assessment because of his notable psychological wellness issues.

In the interim, Shatta Wale and Medikal went through a few days on remand and were granted bail yesterday, October 26, 2021. The two famous performers were each allowed Ghc 100,000 bail.

Responding to the whole drama on social media, sensational Ghanaian entertainer Majid Michel cautioned that everybody should regard the law. In a long letter penned on his Instagram page, he disclosed that rules could be overstepped yet the law should be regarded consistently.

Majid Michel said the people who overstep the law should confront the results of their own actions. Majid took to his Instagram page and shared a picture of himself with caption;

”You can mess around with rules. you can even break them if you want. But Laws, you don’t mess around with Laws! Listen, you don’t break the Law. The Law breaks you. You don’t say i violated the law. You don’t violate laws. Laws violate you if you try to violate them.

Laws are different from rules. Rules are customs, limitations and boundaries, created by men. We create rules. Laws are not created or invented. Laws are discovered. You didn’t create or invent the law of gravity did you? Laws should never be subject to rules. When there is a conflict between a Law and a rule, obey the Law and forget the rule.

Laws are there to protect you not to restrict you. Successful people always break the rules for the sake of the Law. Know the difference between laws and rules and you will stay safe and successful. Don’t forget, Laws are not invented. They are discovered. Find them!! #GodGivesLaws#NotRules#LawFace#LEADERSHiP

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