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Mr. President Things Are Hard, Things Are Not Working, Are You Not Ashamed To Be Called The President Of Ghana? Frustrated Ghanaian Lady Blast Nana Addo And The Entire Politicians (Watch Video)

A viral video chanced on by Pinaxnews.com captures some strong words which came out of a Ghanaian lady who was clearly baffled with the situation of the country.

As per her, her disappointment comes from the way that the nation is presently wrecked yet politicians have kept on paying death ears to the cries of Ghanaians.

The viral video shows a lady who is disillusioned, disappointed and extremely irate with President Akiufo-Addo and his administration.

The resentment in her voice, her characteristics, the pool of sweat on her temple which she clears off heartlessly, and the spryness of her eyes truly tells us how she feels as a Ghanaian.

Checkout the video below;

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