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I Will Retrieve MenzGold Locked Up Cash If I Become The Next President – Kumchacha promises

All contentious minister, Prophet Kumchacha, has sent off his political mission and vowed to deliver MenzGold's secured resources for furious clients. Most of MenzGold's disappointed clients have not yet gotten the cash they put in the organization, which has been secured since CEO Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM 1's) records and business were shut. Assuming Prophet Kumchacha is chosen president following the overall decisions in 2024, he has promised to have NAM 1 imprisoned. Some Ghanaians have been ridiculing the godly

I Have A Lot of Experience in Smoking- Prophet Kumchacha

Prophet Kumchacha is a typical clergyman in Ghana, and he simply printed some facts about his non-public life. When he visited the studios of the frequent Ghanaian radio station Hitz FM, he introduced this records to the target audience there. One of his non-public life that he mentioned used to be smoking, and he stated that he first picked up the addiction when he was once eleven years ancient which has made him accumulate a lot of journey in the act. He stated the following in his submission:“When I was 11 years

Prophet Kumchacha Recounts How A Lady Unclad Herself While He Was Praying For Her

Entertainer and video lady, Efia Odo, has uncovered that nothing under the sun will compel her to get back to Ghana since there's nothing better in the country for her to miss. The Ghanaian-conceived US-based socialite made this disclosure during a Q&A meeting with her fans on Twitter. As per the media character, nothing works in Ghana when contrasted with the States in this way she discovers it sound judgment resisting to get back to her country loaded with difficulties. A fan tested; "When are you returning

Why Go To IMF When Your Fetish Priests Turn Leaves Into Money on Live TV?- Kumchacha Questions Government

Ghanaian evangelist and social pundit, Prophet Kumchacha is confused regarding the reason why President Akufo Addo and his bureau clergymen don't utilize "otherworldly" men (voodoo) who assurance to get monetary help trade for installment. Referred to, in actuality, as Prophet Nicholas Osei, Kumchacha, mourned the rate at which fraudsters masking themselves as professionals of juju (voodoo) swindle simple Ghanaians of their well-deserved cash. Kumchacha likewise told Oman Channel about a swindler who professed to be

Afia Schwarzenegger Is A Fool-Kumchacha Jabs

Ghanaian man of God, Kumchacha who was born Nicholas Osei has jabbed self acclaimed queen of Ghanaian comedy for reasons best known to him. Speaking in an interview he mentioned that the mother of three is a f00l whose f00lishness surpasses all. Although the man of God made mention of Afia being f00lish, he didn't say the reason for jabbing the young mother. This has got many social media users worried and already crying for the man of God as they anticipate the kind of insults Afia Schwarzenegger will send his

Afia Schwarzenegger Has Mental Problem—Kumchacha

Popular Ghanaian man of God, Kumchacha born Nicholas Osei has said without mincing words that controversial media personality and entrepreneur Afia Schwarzenegger has mental problems. Speaking in a recent interview he mentioned that Afia Schwarzenegger is mentally retarded. When asked which hospital diagnosed Afia of mental problem he said it's something he has seen spiritually and physically. He added that not only is Afia mentally ill but she is very foolish as well. He says Afia's f00lishness surpasses all

It’s Now Normal For Married Women In Ghana To Sleep Around – Kumchacha Laments

Founder and leader of the Heaven's Gate Ministries Nicholas Osei well known as Kumchacha has lamented on normalizing the act of married women sleeping around lately. The man of God stated that Ghana is currently in a retrogressive state where people in the country no longer value the truth. He noted that in the past sleeping around was associated with men but lately women engage in it far better. “The people sleeping with wives of other men in Ghana is not easy. People are taking care of peoples children which they

Fans Fire Kumcha For Saying First Born Children Are Not Biological Children of Their Fathers

Famous Ghanaian man of God Nicholas Osei well known as Kumchacha has said that most first born children are not the biological children of the fathers they grew to know. The man of God surprisingly mentioned that such children may have even been formed way before their parents decided to marry. Following the comment of the famous man of God some Ghanaians who probably may be first borns have massively reacted and it's not a pleasant one. Kumchacha further said that first borns must avoid DNA test at all cost

Prophet Kumchacha Advises First Borns Against Taking DNA Test

Nicholas Osei, who is popularly known as Prophet Kumchacha, the founder and leader of Heaven’s Gate Ministries says that most first born children are usually not the children of their fathers. According to the Prophet, such individuals may have been formed before their parents decide to settle down. Kumchacha mentioned that such individuals need to avoid DNA tests at all cost because they will be shocked by the results, because it may turn out that their mother was sleeping with multiple men. He made this statement

Diana Asamoah Now Looks Like A Corpse With Latest Slay Queen Look-Kumchacha

Evangelist Diana Asmaoh has become the talk of town in recent times after she began dressing like a slay queen despite her earlier disregard for such way of life. She is either seen in makeup or flashy outfits which she had earlier spoken against. This got a number of Ghanaians who paid attention to her preaching in the past how the evangelist got to that level. Some also accused them of just deceiving them into doing things they didn't want to do. Famous Ghanaian pastor well known as Kumchacha who is the leader of
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