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Kevin Costner’s Wife Fight Over Child Support Payment

Yellowstone actor Kevin Costner continues to battle it out in court with his estranged wife Christine Baumgartner as they fight over monthly child support payments as the famous actor has already dishing out an estimated $1 million dollars since she filed for divorce.

Christine filed for divorce from The Bodyguard star after over 20 years of marriage and sharing three children together. Kevin reportedly “wasn’t shocked” when he found out his wife filed for divorce, though insiders claim that the news still came as an “unpleasant surprise” for him. Christine recently moved out of their shared family home at the end of July.

Since the divorce paperwork was filed, Christine has reportedly accused the actor of being a cheapskate as they battle out the amount of money he owes her monthly for child support. The designer has asked her estranged husband for $248,000 per month for child support because She claims Kevin can afford it. Kevin, on the other hand, is accusing his estranged wife of being deceptive regarding how much money she has and is offering to pay $63,000 per month for child support.

Kevin believes that his estranged wife is in possession of more money than she is leading on pointing to $20,000 her boyfriend allegedly gave her, according to documents. Christine’s new relationship has not been confirmed but fans believe she is dating one of Kevin’s close friends, who was recently spotted on a Hawaiian vacation with Christine this summer. Insiders close to the pair claim that their relationship is platonic.

There were claims that Christine has previously spent over $100,000 on his credit card. Court documents revealed that Kevin says his ex has withdrawn from hs bank account and charged on his credit card a total of $95,000, payable to her divorce attorneys and forensic accountant. He also accuses Christine of spending the money without any prior notice to him.

As Christine asks for more money in child support payments, Kevin claims that she is doing so to ensure that she does not need to work despite being capable of finding a job. Kevin said: “She has no plans to seek employment or engage in any income-generating activity.”

Kevin has also reportedly claimed Christine used thousands of dollars in child support to pay for her own plastic surgery, private gym trainers, and other personal expenses rather than to support their three young children 15-year-old Cayden Wyatt, 14-year-old Hayes Logan, and 13-year-old Grace Avery.

A Santa Barbara judge has temporarily ordered for Kevin to pay $129,000 per month in child support, but the final amount will be determined on Friday.

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