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Steve Harvey’s Wife; Marjorie Elaine Is Seeking $400 Million, After She was Allegedly Caught Cheating With Bodyguard

All is really not well with Steve Harvey’s marriage. The Family Feud star seem to be having some severe “Family- Marriage Feud” as rumors have started speculating that his wife Marjorie Elaine was allegedly caught cheating with Harvey’s Bodyguard and is now seeking for a whooping $400Million for a divorce.

Celebrated media personality Steve Harvey’s marriage is under serious contentious attack and drama that threatens to split up his marriage with her partner Marjorie Eliane. Rumour has it that, Marjorie Elaine, the ‘Elegant’ wife of Harvey, was secretly having an extra -marital affair with Harvey’s Bodyguard; William Boom Freeman. This unexpected development has shocked almost everyone in the entertainment industry. Well, maybe let’s just call this an allegation since we’re yet to get the full details of the story.

His official Bio on his page reads: “BIG BOOM” Celebrated Relationship Speaker, Celebrity Bodyguard, Entrepreneur, Arthur of Essence Bess. Lots of social media fans have started reacting to the rumors with some saying they saw this coming, others say, Harvey caused his own Misfortune.

Well, many of you would recall Harvey’s relationships not forgetting his messy relationship with his ex wife Mary where a judge dismissed a $60million lawsuit filed by Harvey’s ex who claimed that she contemplated suicide amid their divorce due to Harveys actions.

According to reports, Marjorie is filing for divorce through her lawyers and is currently seeking half of Steve’s $400 million net worth. Harvey has been happily married to Marjorie Elaine for many years. It’s each of their third marriage and Harvey’s longest-lasting, 15 years and counting.

Marjorie Harvey is a well-known figure in the world of fashion, entertainment, and philanthropy.

She is recognized for her marriage to comedian and television host Steve Harvey, as well as for her own endeavours in various fields.

Well guess what, Marjorie was a side chick to Harvey when it was alleged that steve was cheating on his first wife with her. Netizens have claimed that steve is being served the meal he served his ex wife.

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