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“Love Is Beautiful” -Grandmother, 61 And Cheryl McGregor 37 Years To Welcome First child.

Well, who says no one can find love? Who said, age matters when there is love? And who said love is blind? Well…….widen your eyes for this beautiful love story of Granny, who is 61 and has found love in a 37 year buddy. The two are welcoming their first child sooner!!

Quran McCain and Cheryl McGregor from Rome Georgia, first met in 2012 while they were both working in a fast food chain Dairy Queen. They reconnected in 2020 and started dating. They got married last year, and now, they are ready to expand their family.

The couple tried to get pregnant on their own but due to Cheryl’s age, they decided to turn to surrogacy or adoption
Cheryl has seven children and 17 grandchildren already, but the couple said they feel they deserve children of their own.
The couple say, their sex life is fantastic and they have great chemistry – despite their nearly four-decade age difference.

The two have announced that they’re planning to have their first child together through surrogacy – despite their 37-year age gap.

Cheryl has seven children and 17 grandchildren already, but still love each other.

‘We got married in September 2021, and it’s been a few months since we are ready to start a family,’ said Quran.

Well, What’s stopping you from finding love or making babies? hahahahahaha….

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