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Marcus Jordan Cancels Marriage With Larsa Pippen

Marcus Jordan is setting the record straight after recently igniting engagement rumors between him and his girlfriend, Larsa Pippen. Looks like “The HELL NO COMMENT” by his Father Michael Jordan, is working.

On Tuesday, a new episode of the couple’s podcast, ‘Separation Anxiety,’ was published. The audio compilation kicked off with Jordan summarizing a recent encounter he and Pippen made with the paparazzi, leading many to believe they are engaged.

He explained that he informed the paparazzi that his wedding with Pippen is “in the works.” However, at this point, Pippen added that she received numerous congratulatory calls and texts from friends and family, but she and Jordan are “not engaged.”

Jordan went on to confirm Pippen’s statement. Then, he further explained their wedding plans in relation to his response.

As the conversation continued, Pippen explained that the only thing they’ve decided is that they want a destination wedding. Additionally, she added that “everyone wants to be” in their wedding party. Then she said this may make it difficult for them to finalize who may be apart.

Larsa said; “I had a hundred calls and text messages of people congratulating us, and I was like, ‘I’m so excited, but no, we’re not engaged,” Pippen explained. “But you did give me a promise ring,” the 49-year-old added to Jordan.

Furthermore, Jordan even explained that after speculation that the pair got engaged began circulating, he received texts from his entire family.

Marcus Jordan said;

“I definitely gave you a promise ring… But yeah, I just felt like that it was a tough question to answer. It’s something we’ve been discussing a lot lately, not necessarily putting a lot of emphasis or priority on where or when, but we’ve definitely been discussing locations and time of year, so I feel like that was a good response. It’s funny, because when the news started circulating, obviously, my parents reached out. My mom sent a bunch of eye emojis. My dad sent a couple text messages and had a conversation with my sister just wondering if it’s legit or not — obviously, with the pictures of the ring going around, there was a little extra fuel on the fire,” Jordan explained.

The 32-year-old even added that jewelers have been reaching out to him to assist in his picking of Pippen’s engagement ring.

Before ending the conversation, he also confirmed to Pippen that her ring would be “massive.”

Marcus Jordan, is now confusing everyone with his relationship with Larsa Pippen. So meaning……the ain’t gonna be any wedding for now?

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