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Jennifer Lopez Fears Her Marriage With Ben Affleck Could Collapse After 1 year Anniversary

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are officially one year into marriage…..Hurrayyyyyy!!!!

The honeymoon’s over — and she’s marking the milestone with a sneak peek of a new song all about him.

The singer posted a couple shots from their wedding day, both of them rocking massive smiles.

In her caption she dropped some lyrics from her upcoming track, “Dear Ben Part II” … saying,

“Dear Ben, Sitting here alone Looking at my ring ring, Feeling overwhelmed It makes me wanna sing sing, How did we end up here Without a rewind. Oh my, This is my life.”

She threw in a couple of hashtags, too — one being the song’s title, and the other reading, “This Is Me Now,” the name of her upcoming album where the track will live.

You’ll recall, the OG track, “Dear Ben,” came out over 2 decades ago … on the album, “This Is Me … Then.”

As we reported, Ben and Jen tied the knot in Las Vegas in July 2022, but threw the big party at Ben’s beautiful 87-acre property in Georgia the following month — it seems she’s counting the anniversary based on the GA bash, not their legal marriage day.

The couple have been in the news also for some ridiculous reasons.

Lopez and Affleck caused a commotion after they seemed to be squabbling on the red carpet premiere of the brunette babe’s new film The Mother.

Footage from the Wednesday, May 17, Los Angeles event appeared to portray the dynamic duo involving themselves in an argument, although a lip reader thought otherwise.

At one point, the expert claimed Lopez asked Affleck, if her shimmering white shirt was “showing too much,” which the Gone Girl actor assured his wife she was fine.

The Marry Me actress continued to seem stressed, as Affleck told her, “don’t worry, babe,” in an effort to calm his lady down, according to the pro.

“Come close to me,” the lip reader said Lopez allegedly responded, further instructing Affleck to “step over there” for more photo opportunities.

Perhaps their most viral tension-filled conversation occurred at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 5.

Affleck looked like he was scolding Lopez at the prestigious event via videos from the televised evening, however, he later insisted he “had a good time” and the two were just having normal “husband-and-wife” banter.

Shall we move on to the Car door slam….? Hahahaha, let’s get into it;

The clip shows Mr. and Mrs. Affleck approaching their parked car, to-go coffee cups in hand. Affleck opens the car door for his wife, like a gentleman, then seems to use his whole body to shut it behind her with a disproportionate level of oomph. At the end of the clip, right before getting into the driver’s seat, Affleck notices he’s being filmed and pulls a slightly irritated face at the camera. (You can see the video here.)


Many others spoke about Ben’s anger and anxiety about being followed by the paparazzi. some folks on Twitter sympathised with Ben and said, “Give this man a 10hr nap.” Yet another wanted the media to give him a break as they joke, “Leave Batman alone!” Another added, “This is how I look after work lol.”

Well, we wish the couple a happy anniversary!!….. But Hey, an insider tells us that Jennifer feels this union may collapse sooner.

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