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We have paid over 5,000 customers – NAM1

Nana Appiah Mensah, the founder of the former gold collecting firm, stated in a Twitter conversation that they have settled over 5,000 of their customers. This was when he was trying to address the issue of the current customer reimbursement, which has sparked wildfire on social media.

Initial client requests for all required papers were made by the business to speed up the payment confirmation process. However, the corporation explained in a later message that a sizable portion of the submitted claims had discrepancies, making 60% of the claims ineligible for settlement.

The now-defunct business had also suggested that clients with money locked up enlist for a cost of 650gh to find out if they qualified for refunds.

Concerns have been raised about the latest statement released on the fee used to determine payment eligibility.

The management of the gold dealership firm is being urged by customers to evaluate and modify the charge structure.

In response to the complaints, the management sent a letter dated August 20, 2023, which was signed by the CEO Nana Appiah Mensah and states: “To get an Access Card for verification, we ask Customers to meet “Proof of Transaction with Menzgold” by sending the following documents via email to info@payboy.com.

“A copy of the Customer’s Gold Trading Agreement and a copy of any applicable National ID card, both bearing the Customer’s name.”

“Copies of the supporting documents were submitted for receipt validation.”

We advise customers to make courier arrangements to get the Verification Access Cards by contacting any of the authorised Payboy Agents listed in our release from August 16, 2023.

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