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Radio Legend Chris Evans Suffers Skin Cancer

Broadcasting legend Chris Evans has revealed he was recently diagnosed with skin cancer just four years after explaining he had a scare with the disease.

The Virgin Radio broadcaster confirmed that doctors gave him the diagnosis recently but discovered the condition while it was in the early stages. It comes just four years after Chris said he had a cancer scare after discovering marks on his body.

Speaking on his show he said: “We need to discuss what’s going on with this issue. It is a melanoma. There’s this phrase called a malignant melanoma – you know once you get something and you find out all about it – that is a redundant phrase because if it is a melanoma it is malignant.

“But it’s been caught so early, just so you know, that it should be completely treatable. Treatment will happen on the 14th of September.” Chris, an avid runner, went on to explain that he won’t be able to take part in the sport for a month after his treatment.

However, in keeping with his usual spirit, he joked that until September 14, he’s going to do nothing but run. His diagnosis comes four years after he previously suffered a skin cancer scare after discovering some marks on his body in the lead-up to Christmas in 2019.

With the UK having endured an extremely hot summer, Chris explained that the “high levels of UV” sparked concern. Speaking previously about his worries, he said: “I went and had a few marks on my body inspected by a skin expert before Christmas and she said, ‘You need to come and see me again, just because of your complexion.'” However, he later commented that he had “nothing to worry about” although he should have his skin checked at least once a year.

According to the NHS, there are two common types of non-melanoma skin cancers, with the term “non-melanoma” distinguishing these types from the less common skin cancer, melanoma, which is more serious. The most common types of non-melanoma are basal cell carcinoma (BCC) which starts in cells which line the bottom of the epidermis. While squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) starts in cells lining the top of the epidermis.

In 2015, Chris also shared that he had a prostate cancer scare which scared him “half to death” after looking up his symptoms online. The Warrington-born broadcaster said on his BBC Radio 2 programme: “I’m in the middle of a prostate issue right now. I couldn’t stop. I have not been able to stop since Christmas – peeing – or wanting to go. So I’ve gone to the doctor.

“I’ve done all the internet stuff you shouldn’t do. I’ve gone on the internet, scared myself half to death, then gone to see the doctor. And we really should do it the other way round. However, I am in the middle of the tests.” When he was told he “seemed OK” about the scare, Chris responded: “I’ve completely changed my tune on this over the last couple of years. So there you go. If you are worried about anything just go and sort yourself out – if not for you, for your family.”

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