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Keke Palmer And Darius Dalton Unfollows Each Other- Couple Battle It Out In Court!!!

After Darius ridiculously called out Keke Palmer’s name on social media and dragging her into the mud over her sensual lecherous dance with Usher Raymond at his concert, the two’s love history have been very dramatic and seemily toxic. Well…..all thanks to Usher, for creating war between the “then” beautiful Couple.

Few days after the couples banter on social media, many had various opinions about what happened. Notable celebrities including media giants had a huge wrangle over the issue but , the argument is still relevant and has just gotten very intense.

On Wednesday, Usher unveiled his much-anticipated music video for his song “Boyfriend,” starring Keke Palmer, as the lead character in the video. The new video shows Palmer singing and prepping for what seems to be a night out with her girls. The project comes a month after Jackson went viral for publicly shaming Palmer’s outfit at Usher’s concert, But guess what…. KEKE PALMER DISSED Darius in her lyrics.

“S–t, I’m so tired… I am a mother, after all,” she says, winking at the camera.

The cheeky line pokes fun at Jackson, with whom Palmer shares a six-month-old son. After the video dropped, various views and comments have been passed, with some going hard on palmer.

Well, that was a bit of epoch, Now let’s get into the real deal. Keke Palmer and Darius have both unfollowed each other on Instagram. According to reports, the two are in serious war and want nothing to do with each other after the huge embarrassment that happened in July. The source say, Darius wants to file for custody over their baby and have full paternity since keke proved to be a “sensational mother” with no morals.

But what really could be the reason for they unfollowing each other? could it be because of the earlier video where Usher Raymond serenaded keke, or its because Darius just couldn’t stand the insult after the “BOYFRIEND” Track by Usher and Keke dropped?

The drama is getting very intense as Darius also looks poised to winning his son away from his baby mama….keke Palmer.

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