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Social Media Reactions To Keke Palmer’s Subtle Jab At Darius Dalton In Usher’s ‘Boyfriend’ Video

After Usher Raymond featured Keke Palmer in his latest hit “BOYFRIEND” Track, the reactions by some fans have been hilarious! But hold up…..has Darius also reacted to this?

The actress and R&B crooner were recently the subjects of an explosive pop culture moment after an outfit Palmer wore to a concert prompted a full-on internet debate when her now-estranged beau, Darius called her out in a Twitter rant.

Now, the pair have found a way to make that moment last even longer, as the Key TV creator is the star of the “Love in This Club” singer’s newest hit.

Palmer teased the project on social media earlier this week, simply sharing a slowed-down snippet from the music video featuring the two artists. “Somebody said that your boyfriend’s looking for me,” Usher can be heard singing in the preview clip. Reactions had already begun to pour in at the time, with excitement brewing about the song-to-come and how Palmer has managed to turn this whole situation around in her favor. She wrote;


The newly-released track, entitled “Boyfriend,” officially dropped on Wednesday, August 16, and fans have since been raving over the collab. here are some reactions by fans;

1. Daniel

There’s no way this could be happening. Who records a song, shoots a video, and casts someone’s MOM in the video, all because her boyfriend talked s**t about what she wore to a concert? That is a long way to go to win the war over some (admittedly) petty remarks. But then again, what’s better than winning a war over some petty s**t?

2. Angel

This is some bulls**t. Who can I sue over this? I’m gonna sue Usher. I’m gonna sue Keke. I’m gonna sue YouTube for hosting and X or Twitter or whatever it’s called for letting Usher promote this well-choreographed hit piece. I will have my revenge!!!

3. van

What if I record my own song and put out my own video and it was a better song and video than that trash Usher put out? But then I’d have to learn to songwrite and produce and hire a director. This sounds really expensive. Maybe I should start a GoFundMe or something.

What if I wrote Keke a nice note asking her to take it down? It’s not too late to remove it from the internet, is it?

5. shun

You know what? I said what I said and I’d say it again. Life’s too short to be in a social-media drama triangle. I’m out of here and I don’t just mean this beef. I’m out of the relationship and moving on. I’m gonna have someone tell People magazine. That’s what I’m doing. Darius has left the building. I’m sure I can find a woman better than Keke Palmer. I’m gonna put Tinder back on my phone. Then we’ll see who’s a winner.

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