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Prophet Kofi Oduro reveals major churches that must be closed.

Prophet Kofi Oduro has urged the authorities in Ghana to quickly close down multiple denominations whose pastors he says are engaging in unchristlike behaviour and shepherding others astray.

The General Pastor and Founder of Alabaster International Ministries assert that the Ghanaian government is responsible for the growth of such churches and for the damage they have caused to the community and their ‘ignorant’ adherents.

The servant of God appears to be addressing his audience, saying that it is past time to close down some of the churches that practise doctrines that are against the Bible.

“There are churches in Ghana where they mix concoctions with things like pomades and fragrance and then sell them out to people that they have certain properties for, and all these are jokes people do in the name of God.

“Silliness is all they are engaged in. The leader can do silly things to the extent that he goes to lie on the floor, dancing to earthly songs in the church. What are you expecting people to learn from the church? If someone is not born again, what do you expect the person to learn from these things? Silly lifestyles only! What church displays Schnapps in their auditorium? Which church displays fly whiskers (bodua)? And I do not blame them. I blame the government of Ghana.

All these people must be shut down. These are criminals. I blame the government of Ghana. Go to Rwanda and see. This nonsense does not exist. In Rwanda, before you can start a church, you must have a first degree, because they believe that if you go through formal education, your thinking faculties are different,” remarked Prophet Oduro.

He omitted names, however, the pastors and members of these congregations are well-known to one another. It is also uncertain if the Ghanaian government will act on the prophet Oduro’s demand to shut down errant congregations.

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