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Hold on everyone……is Michael Jordan aware of this information? Well maybe not, because this would certainly give him a heart attack.

Larsa, who was formerly married to Scottie Pippen, has been dating Michael Jordan’s son since late 2022. Things are heating up between Larsa Pippen and her new beau. “Riding waves, Living life, the pair seem very happy together and have traveled around for romantic dinner and fun. The two are back again with a shocking revelation. “Wedding bells y’all”

The happy couple hit up Jones in West Hollywood for dinner on Wednesday … and as they were leaving the restaurant, Marcus was asked if wedding bells were in his future. DUDE SAID;

“We’re looking for a location,” Jordan said with a big smile on his face.

When the cameras followed up about whether they had a date set, Marcus explained the two have kickstarted the planning process.

As if that wasn’t enough, Larsa was spotted wearing a ring on her finger … although it’s unclear if it’s a legit engagement ring just yet. It’s worth noting — Pippen has worn the ring in a few recent Instagram posts as well igniting rumors about a possible marriage.

This certainly would be Michael Jordan’s worst nightmare as a father!!!

Recall some few months back when M.J opposed the decision about Marcus having a relationship with Larsa. His strident screech “HELL NO” comment was an assurance that he wasn’t for it, and would always stand against it. But looks like his comment was just carried away by the air…..and not into the ears of his son.

Larsa and Marcus later addressed the clip, claiming MJ’s comments left her “embarrassed” and “traumatized,”. Regardless of what the Hall of Famer thinks, Marcus and Lars look very inseparable as the two seem very happy together grinding and kissing all over .

oops……Finally, Marcus’ shirt read, “Hug me I’m horny!!”

Well we just can’t wait for Michael Jordan’s comment on this, and of course the big day for the wedding!

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