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Eastern regional minister: Bawumia has what it takes to lead us to the promised land.

Nobody can claim to know any of the flagbearer candidates better than me among all the contenders. I’ve interacted with them; there isn’t a single one I don’t know, but despite not being a minister, I have listened intently. If the NPP wants to break the eight, there is only one candidate, and we must cast all of our votes for him.When Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, the Vice President who is also running to be the NPP’s flagbearer, took his campaign to the Mpraeso constituency, Seth Kwame Acheampong, the Eastern regional minister, made these remarks.

The minister, who represented the area in parliament for three consecutive terms, asserts that Dr. Bawumia has what it takes to win the upcoming presidential elections and end the eight-year cycle.

“I’m here to talk to you about the NPP’s next flag bearer, who will guide us through the Red Sea and into the Promised Land. I am closer to each of the 10 candidates vying to become the next leader of the NPP, but after listening to each one and evaluating them, I am convinced that only one candidate can help the party break the eight.

Mpraeso people, you are aware of how I convey matters close to my heart. Dr. Bawumia needs our overwhelming support because he has consistently run for the Mpraeso constituency. You can’t let him down because he has come here frequently to campaign in every election.

He said this to cheers from the throngs of party members present at the event.

The regional minister’s support for the Vice President follows that of several high-profile members of the party and government appointees, including Dan Botwe, the MP for Okere who also serves as the minister of local government.

Dr. Mahamud Bawumia will compete in the party’s primary alongside nine other candidates to determine who will serve as the party’s flagbearer going into the 2024 presidential elections.

He conducted his campaign tour in the Eastern region, visiting nearly all 33 of the constituencies.

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