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“He is just being watchful” Netizens reacts to a video of Davido covering his drink with his Handkerchief at an event

Online comments have been sparked by a recent video showing renowned singer David Adeleke, also known by his stage name Davido, covering his drink while chatting with prominent House of Representatives member Shina Peller.

After Davido made his public debut following the passing of his son Ifeanyi, videos of the singer kept coming out one after another. This was due to Ademola Adeleke, Davido’s uncle, being sworn in as governor of Osun State. In this brief video, Shina Peller is first shaken and hugged by Davido before Davido reaches for his drink, which he promptly covers with a white cloth.

Additionally, the singer declined to offer it to a man who seemed to be an assistant and instead decided to give it to someone else seated at their table.
Tweeter @grasified reported that the artist is being more cautious this time around after sharing the footage.

Davido is still being watchful, he wrote.
May God keep his family and him safe.

The video below

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