Robbers are St@bbing and raping our ladies on campus; UCC management is playing deaf and dumb – UCC Students Cry


A stressed understudy from the College of Cape Coast has bemoaned how the administration of the school is quiet about the new killings and assault nearby by outfitted burglars.

As per a progression of screen captures shared on the Instagram page of Zionfelix, the concerned understudy unveiled that the grounds of the College of Cape Coast has turned into a demise snare for understudies.

“Ucc management is playing deaf and dumb about the robbery incident going on here on campus, students are dying, and students are being stabbed each night and day. But management is not doing anything to help students.

The understudy uncovered that around three UCC understudies have been wounded to death on various events nearby over the course of about seven days. He uncovered that outfitted looters have been starving understudies without really trying to hide. He refered to a model where a young woman’s arm was cleaved off by furnished burglars and lost her life subsequently.

The concerned understudy additionally unveiled that beside the burglaries and killings continuous nearby, a portion of the women nearby are being assaulted and beaten by these looters. He referenced how the school’s administration is denying the killing, assault, and burglary cases nearby.

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