My students fear me – Prof Elsie Kaufmann says


Public Science and Maths test fancy woman Elsie Effah Kaufmann has revealed that a portion of her indiscipline understudies dread her.

Elsie Kaufmann has depicted herself as a taskmaster in her school. She is the Dignitary of the College of Ghana Designing Division and furthermore a speaker who has turned into a bad dream to indiscipline understudies nearby.

She revealed that a portion of the trained understudies nearby like her for her severity and how focused she is. She told Postpone in a meeting that she utilizes extreme hands to teach her understudies.

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“The students who do the right thing really like me but those who cut corners do not even want to see my face at all. If you don’t learn to discipline yourself while in school, what time would you learn to do that? Is it when you are working?”

“I am a very punctual person. For instance, if we all propose 5 am for our field trip and at exactly 5 am some students have still not reported, I would leave you behind. If we agree on 5 am, I get there even before 5 and wait in the car,” she stated.

“But the funny thing is after school, most of them send me messages thanking me because they realized that the world out there is a wild place,” she remarked.

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