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Remember Nina from “Home Sweet Home”, See adorable Photos of how she looks now

Popular Teen Actress Evelyn Addo has got Netizens talking of how grown she is now. Evelyn popularly known as Nina was a Big star in the early 2000’s due to a Popular Television series titled Home Sweet Home which portrays how family members related to each other and the Challenges they face daily.

Nina was a Little girl in the family who was portrayed as an Informant. She acted along side legendary Rama Brew, Kojo Dadson, John Appae and others. Nina was an informant in the family who tormented her big Brother John and her sister Jessica by informing their parent each time they brought in friends when they are away.

A lot of young people could related to her character making her the people’s favorite. Nina is currently married to the love of her life after graduating from the University of Ghana.

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