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Failed Musician and Politician cum Estate developer Diamond Appiah flaunts her new iphone 14 after calling Tracey childish for bragging about it

It seem Tracey Boakye’s best friend and Gang Member Diamond Appiah is currently jealous of her after she took to her Instagram page to flaunt her Iphone 14. Tracey recently came under attack after she took to her Instagram page to flaunt her newly acquired Iphone 14.

Tracey on her Instagram indicated that she pre ordered it the previous day and got it in the morning. Social media users then bashed her for putting pressure on the youths with her flaunting the expensive Phone.

Her Gang member and Best Friend Diamond Appiah also took to social media to shade her claiming its only kids and slay queens who brag about buying an Iphone. Social media users are wondering if there is trouble in paradise for them as they keep shading each other on social media

However its been reported that Diamond has also acquired the new Iphone 14 after bashing Tracey and calling her Childish. Popular Instagram blogger Akosuah- Jolly after posting the video, wrote:” This mafia gang ankasa the internal competition is too much ei…Just few hours after Tracey flaunted her iphone 14 pro.. Akpe at 60 has also showed hers off boii… Asibolonga where is your?? anaa its on the see coming.”

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