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“I deported 5,000 illegal Chinese miners” – John Mahama reveals

The previous leader of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama has uncovered that during his residency in office, he ousted around 5,000 unlawful Chinese diggers.

Previous President John Mahama made these cases in a restrictive meeting with TV3’s Alfred Ocansey. He unveiled that Boeing 747s were conveyed by the Chinese government then to airdrop its nationals back home.

John Mahama uncovered that he ousted around Five thousand (5,000), unlawful Chinese excavators, in Ghana breaking the mining decisions without falling apart the relationship Ghana has with China.

“When I was president, we valued the relations with China but if you are a Ghanaian and you go to China and you engage in illegality, they don’t say because of the good relation they have with Ghana, they are going to let you go scot-free.

“You are going to face the full rigors of the law in China and I don’t doubt that there are some of our citizens in jail in China.”

“When I became President I was faced with this same illegal gold mining.

“I deported almost 5,000 illegal Chinese miners. I didn’t say because of the good relationship we have with China, we should allow them to continue to engage in illicit activities and we collaborated with the Chinese Embassies, they got 747s and they came and took their nationals away.

“It didn’t destroy our relationship.”

This remark from the previous president, John Mahama comes after the capture of Galamsey sovereign Aisha Huang who is presently in police authority.

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