“Even if you give $20,000 I will never go back to my ex husband” Korra Obidi reveals


Nigerian America based Dancer Korra Obidi has revealed why she will never go back to her ex husband even if she is been offered $20,000. She revealed revealed that even tho her divorce from her ex husband broke her, she isnt suffering financial or emotionally like before. She then urged anyone in an abusive relationship to walk out and have his or her piece of mind.

In her words, she said:’Even if you give me $20,000, I am not going back to my ex husband. Divorce is not easy but I am not suffering.If you are in an abusive relationship leave. Days ago, the Dancer on her social media page cried her heart out after she revealed that her kids are been taken away from her.

She said: “Dont get divorce, its not for the weak. Separated from your 6 months old for a whole week. I have been trying to keep my composure but last night I got broken because I saw strangers touching my child. It really broke me .

Before that she claims she had an email where someone was advising her to dress and behave like a mother or her kids might be taken away from her which she came to social media to rubbish. In her words, She said:“I cant belive someone said they will take the kids away from me because I am not wearing cloth. She sent an email saying Korra Korra they are going to take your children from you because you are not wearing clothes. They are trying to use these children and control me, So if I wear clothes now they wouldnt take my Children. Ehhhhh”

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