“John is a Musician that why he is offering Dondology” Afia Schwar defends her son after Nana Tonardo mocked him


Ghanaian Female comedian Afia Schwar seems to be in pain this time around after Nana Tonardo mocked one of her twin John for pursuing Dondology in The University. Pained Afia Schwar then processed to rain insults on Nana Tonardo calling him a Disappointed Bobrisky and a “Chorkor Kardashian”

Nana Tonardo claim this is the reason Afia isnt bragging about his kids being in the university because the course John is offering makes him seem dump and unintelligent. He claims Afia would have been all over the place is his son was offering course like Business Administration, Engineering or other popular and big course.

Reacting to this, Afia claim John is a musician hence pursuing that course to polish his career. She then mocked Nana Tonardo for being a school dropout and ironically mocking someone trying to obtain a degree in the University.

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